Lumineo is a simple to use, all-in one, training and educational tool for companies looking to grow. Simply create, organize, curate, and deploy targeted trainings for employees, contractors, partners, customers, and even prospects. 

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Experience a top-tier learning management system with email marketing automation, customizable learning paths, dedicated support, insightful reporting, and powerful API capabilities—suitable for both startups and large enterprises.

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Lumineo is a popular choice for companies seeking a Learning Management System due to its user-friendly interface, mobile-friendly design, and integration capabilities. Its AI-powered tools offer personalized learning experiences, while robust analytics/reporting features provide valuable insights. Additionally, Lumineo is cost-effective and backed by strong customer support, making it an efficient and reliable solution for your organizational training needs.

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Designed with your company branding in a flexible structure. Get all the tools you need to build training that will scale with you as you grow.

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Getting started can be tough, so we make it easy to create your own training. Plus, the Lumineo team is here for you when you need us.

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